How I Volumnize My Hair

I like to be quite low maintenance (more like non existent maintenance) when it comes to my hair.  Basically, wash, comb, and air dry (having the thinnest hair ever, it takes my hair about 20 minutes to completely air dry).  But now with the cold weather, it has become necessary for me to start blow drying my hair in the mornings.  And to be honest, I like it, it makes my hair look better than just letting it air dry (for some reason, the blond shows up lighter).  And I am also able to use some product to give my notoriously flat as a pancake hair some volume.  And the product of choice?

It’s the John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray.  I was lucky enough to win the range through a very generous giveaway on A Product Junkie and I have to say I am loving all the products.  I’ve been a fan of John Frieda ever since I started dying my hair dark brown in my emo kid days and used their Brunette shampoo and conditioner (I would use that shampoo and conditioner now just for the smell alone).  The styling spray is awesome, it acts as a heat protectant as well as a styling product.

To use, I simply spray a generous amount of the John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray through my towel dryed hair and then run through it with my fingers to disperse.  I then blow dry with my Babybliss Hair Dryer using the diffuser attachment (this seriously takes me about 5 minutes before my hair is completley dry).  To finish it off, I have been using a drop of the Maghrabian Hair Oil from my September Glossybox to smooth through the ends of my hair (this stuff smells amazing btw).

And here’s the finished product!  It might not look like a lot of volume, but trust me, this is much more voluminous than my air-dried hair which has no body, movement whatsoever!

Has your hair routine changed for the colder months?  Have you tried the John Frieda Full Repair range yet?



2 thoughts on “How I Volumnize My Hair

  1. I am always on a mission to get more volume! Does it stay like this through the day? It’s great that’s it’s multi tasking too xx

    • Yeah, it pretty much keeps its shape all day long, I think using the diffuser really helps! I think all the John Frieda Repair line has heat protectant in the styling products, still need to try the mousse x

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