Handbag Shopping Hell

First off, I will let you know, I am a terrible shopper when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  Not so much makeup or other beauty products, but me buying a new pair of jeans seriously takes an act of God.  I have no patience, if I have a pair of jeans (probably like 4-6 years old) that I love already, I’ll compare every new pair I try on to them and none will ever measure up.  Normally, I leave the store empty-handed and end up having to go back and repeat the process.

It was my birthday recently and I saved some of my birthday money so I could buy a new handbag.  Nothing too fancy, I had about a £25-£30 budget in mind.  My current bag is about a year old now and it’s just become super shapeless and worn.  While browsing blogs the other day, I saw that Primark had a dupe of the Zara shopper bag for £12  and thought “perfect, everyone is raving about it and it’s cheap, that’s the bag I’ll get!”.

So mister and I go into town for lunch on Saturday and pop into Primark on our way home.  I am a woman on a mission, fingers crossed that the bag is still in stock.  And there it is!  In all its £12 glory!  I pick it up and put it over my shoulder and my husband looks at me and says “No way.  You’re joking right?  That thing is gigantic.”.  And he’s right, but I had it in my head I needed it, so I argue, “Oh, but my lunch and books will fit in it!”.  Husband,”You look ridiculous, it looks like you’re going on a week-long holiday somewhere.”

So I look in the mirror, I’m a pretty small person, and yes, the bag just wasn’t my style and it looked like it was wearing me(I also realized it would be too big to fit in my locker at work).  I carried it around the store, browsing for a while, not wanting to let go of my prize, my husband trailing behind me pretend to stumble under the weight of an invisible gigantic  handbag (which in turn was making me laugh my ass off, we got some strange looks from the sales girls).  So despite all the blogger hype and how excited I was to see the elusive bag in stock, I was thankful for my husband’s blunt advice.  Instead I ended up getting this number at TK Maxx which is much more “me” and also way better quality than the Primark bag.

I am just happy I won’t have to go through this ordeal for at least another year now.

Have you succumbed to the blogger hype and picked up the Primark Zara Shopper dupe?  Do you love or loathe shopping?



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