DIY Makeup Drawers

Last month, DIY Glossybox makeup drawers seemed to take over the blogosphere.  Like most of the lovely ladies with a beauty box subscription, I had a stock of Glossyboxes piling up in my closet despite using them for gifts, holding makeup, storage, etc.  So I thought this was the perfect thing to use my excess boxes for!  For instructions on how to make your own beauty box drawers, here is the original article on Jan Ban’s blog!

I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was to assemble and how nice it looked afterward (I skipped some decorating bits with the ribbon because I couldn’t be fussed, but I still think it looks nice!).  Some things to note though:

-Careful with the Superglue, it’s not nice on the skin

-This is best used for storage rather than everyday makeup as the drawers are a bit difficult to slide in and out

-Superglue will not hold the pulls on, I would say they are more decorative

Have you ever made your own makeup storage?  Is this something you would try for yourself?


2 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Drawers

  1. What a great idea, first time I have seen this. It’s nice to see a use for these subscription boxes, the other day I was commenting on the environmental impact, at least these could go to recycle but the one with the bags inside, I am not sure what I would do with 12 months worth of those 🙂

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