Rocking the Top Knot

I’m sure if you’ve been anywhere in the beauty community whether it be on blogs or Youtube, you will see that the top knot has come around in a big way.  As usual, I am late to the party with the whole top knot/messy bun trend, but with a recent desire to do other things with my hair besides wash, comb, and air dry, I decided to play around a bit (we went to a wedding last weekend and I actually purchased a curling wand, the first I have ever owned).  I will not be posting a tutorial because much better bloggers/vloggers have already done so way better than I could ever attempt.  If you would like a step by step tutorial, I would recommend either this one by LLYMLRS or this one by Zoella.

And here is the finished product!  I used a hair doughnut from Primark (a small one from the children’s section as my thin hair isn’t enough to cover the larger doughnuts).  The only thing I did a bit differently from most tutorials I’ve seen is that I put the hair doughnut around my ponytail and then pull it to almost the end and roll the hair around it (using this method).  This makes it easier to bobby pin the ends in because they aren’t so long and it covers the hair doughnut better.

It’s a relatively easy hairstyle to do, even a hair novice like myself managed to get something resembling a bun on top of my head.  And since being “messy” is in, the more crap you are at it, the better!  Now, I think I look like I’m about 12 whenever I have my hair pulled back in any fashion so I did pair this with a heavier eye makeup look.  It is also nice to actually put my hair up since I have an industrial that I am particularly fond of, but no one ever sees as it is usually covered in hair.

It’s still taking me some getting used to since I am not really used to my hair looking like anything other than straight and unstyled.  Seriously, the only time I do something with my hair is to throw it up in a bun (sans doughnut and pins) when I take a bath in the evening or use a face mask.

Do you like the top knot/messy bun look?  What’s your favorite way to style your hair?



8 thoughts on “Rocking the Top Knot

  1. This is super cute! I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to rock the top knot. Plus, your lash line looks amazing.

  2. I think this looks great! I wish I liked having long hair cos you can do so much more with it, but short hair just seems to suit me better 😦

  3. I tried a DIY “hair doughnut” from a sock with no luck due to my thin/fine hair…I will be on the look out for a children’s one here in the States – never thought to opt for that! I think it looks great, casual but still adds a little oomph to the everyday type of stuff 🙂

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