Product Review: imPRESS Nails

As you may have seen, I received imPRESS Nails by Broadway in my August Glossybox (probably the only product worth mentioning in that box…).  As fate would have it, I had a wedding to attend the weekend after I received my box.  Now I am a false nail newb, I pretty much just keep my nails clipped as short as possible with maybe a clear coat of nail polish over the top.  I did have a phase of painting my nails every week, but I kind of fell out of it as I am such a low maintenance kind of gal (aka LAZY!).

The pattern I received was Holla! and my dress being pretty simple, the nails added a nice accent.  They were easy enough to apply, I picked out the nail sizes first off.  With the patterned nails, the same size nails will have the same patterns (my thumbs were the same, pinkies, etc).  I applied all the nails leaving the thumbs for last and it probably took me about 5 minutes start to finish.

They stayed on very securely, I applied them on Saturday and then removed them on Tuesday, they probably would have lasted much longer, but they weren’t practical for me at work.  To remove them, I soaked my nails in a basin of warm, soapy water and peeled them off from the sides (for the trickier nails, you can use a nail you peeled off to loosen the edges).  They removed easily enough and didn’t seem to damage my nails.

Overall, I really liked them and had a ton of compliments, people thought I had foils done.  But at £7.99, I probably wouldn’t purchase them again for myself simply because I am so used to my short nails I wouldn’t want to wear them for more than a day.  But false nails are your thing and you would wear these for a week then I would think they would be worth it.

Word of warning: In other reviews, people have complained that the nails fail off quickly.  I don’t agree with this, unless you are doing things like washing dishes, washing your hands for prolonged periods of time (washing after the loo and the like is fine obviously!), soaking in the tub, or taking long showers.  All the reviews where the nails came off quickly seemed to be because people were soaking their nails in some fashion.

Have you tried imPRESS Nails?  What do you think of them?


8 thoughts on “Product Review: imPRESS Nails

    • I got lucky with the design, usually the colour/pattern choices for nail products I receive in Glossyboxes aren’t the best (aka neon orange Ciate nail varnish :P). x

    • Yeah, I am glad I received them in the Glossybox because I saw SprinkleofGlitter and Fleurdeforce review them on youtube and was super tempted, but the price kept me from picking them up as well! x

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