NOTD: ELF’s Fire Coral

And finally, here is the last nail polish from my little ELF haul and its a good one!  I love this gorgeous orangey red nail polish!  It’s bright and gave me something nice to look at while at work all day, haha 🙂

The formula of the nail polish is rather thin, but applies beautifully after two coats.  With all my nail polishes, I use Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth as a base and topcoat.  With that the ELF polish lasted about 4-5 with some tip wear (you can see some tip wear in this photo which was taken after about 3 days).  I love the colour of this polish and it is something I will definitely be reaching again and again!

Unfortunately, ELF has raised the price of the nail polish from £1.50 to £2.50, which I think is a bit ridiculous.  I’m guessing they realized the popularity of this particular product in their line.  It annoys me that back in the states I could purchase the nail polish for $1.00 (now raised to $2.00, but still, its cheaper).  Oh well, I won’t be leaving my UK husband anytime soon for the sake of cheap nail polish so I will grin and bear it.  If you wait for ELF to have one of their inevitable discounts running, it still isn’t that bad of deal.  NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ELF UNLESS THERE IS A SALE.  THERE WILL BE A SALE.  You just have to be patient.

Anyone else feebly attempting a summer feeling in this depressing weather with bright nails?



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