MUA Undressed Palette

Reviews of this palette were popping up long before its July 4th release in store release date, but I marched down to my local Superdrug on the 4th during my lunchbreak with my fingers crossed that my usually late to the game store had the palette in stock.  And Hallelujah, there it was!  It was an Independence Day miracle (this palette was a 4th of July gift to myself, or at least that’s how I justified another eyeshadow palette purchase to the mister)!

It is beautiful and only £4, you can’t really beat that.  I know some people have been complaining about another neutral palette from MUA, but I can’t get enough neutrals.  And I do think that the Undressed Palette differs enough from Heaven and Earth to be justifiable on its own.  As for how it compares to the Naked Palette, I can’t really say because I refuse to pay that much for eyeshadow, but MsBudgetBeauty did an excellent comparison vlog here.

Overall, the eyeshadows are soft, blendable and very pigmented EXCEPT for the matte shades.  For some reason, the matte shades feel much harder/powdery and also don’t show up as well.  But I still can’t really fault this gorgeous palette.

Have you picked up the Undressed palette yet?  How do you think it compares to the Naked palette, is it a decent dupe?


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