Product Review: Superdrug Dry Shampoo

I stopped by my local Superdrug the other day, mainly to pick up a few essentials (cotton buds and the like), and with my arms loaded with crap, I was stopped by a buy one, get TWO FREE endstand.  What was on offer you say?  Superdrug Dry Shampoo.  Now I am a dry shampoo virgin, but I had been meaning for a while to pick some up.  It seems like in the UK, dry shampoo users are rampant, not so much in the states for some unexplainable reason.  So it never occurred to me that I might want dry shampoo before I moved here.

So with a buy one, get two free offer (how could I not?), I picked up 3 cans of the stuff.

Upon arriving home and doing a bit of research, I found quite a few negative blog reviews on this particular product.  But after doing some reading and trying it out for myself, I do think that this is a good product for some people and here is why:

Negative reviews were coming from people who use dry shampoo in place of washing their hair for maybe 2-3 days.  Now isn’t that the point of dry shampoo?  Well, if you’re like me, I wash my hair every morning, but sometimes I like to freshen it up before I go out in the evening (I can’t not wash my hair everyday, just can’t do it).  The Superdrug Dry Shampoo is perfect for this, so if you just want to freshen up your hair, this will probably work for you.  If you need something to completely replace washing your hair for a few days, you’re probably better off with Batiste.

I like this dry shampoo because it leaves no residue, when you spray it on your hair, it comes out clear, not as a white powder.  The scents are also nice.  Spirit of the Carnival is a bit coconutty, tropical, Head in the Clouds is citrusy, and Away with the Fairies is a bit floral, powdery scented.  The scents do linger for a few hours and it definitely helps add volume.

Do you use dry shampoo?  What’s your favorite brand?


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6 thoughts on “Product Review: Superdrug Dry Shampoo

  1. I got the purple one before as a change but the smell was vile. 😦 Batiste always leaves me grey haired so love this. But like I said on twitters, I like to spray in Batiste at night, sure, I have grey hair, but it’s grease free and fluffy in the morning when it’s ruffled out. Does mean changing the pillowcase a little more though. I think you’re right, batiste is a stronger product. I usually wash my hair every other day unless I’m going out. I wash my hair in the morning, come evening, it’s flat and dull and greasy! It just goes bleh. Superdrugs is perfect for refreshing hair 😀 Like now, I had a bath, hairs drying but it’ll be dry soon… I’ll wake up with a greasy mop! Head in the clouds is my fav. If you spray in the same place long enough though, you will see it is actually white! It just takes a lot longer for it to make your hair look like batiste does.

    • The purple one is definitely my least favorite scent. I have to wash my hair every morning or I just can’t function properly, but I have very thin fine hair so it gets greasy quite easily. I’m still a dry shampoo newb, may have to give Batiste a go at some point! x

      • Aha. Yeah. My hair is the same. It looks like I’ve not washed my hair in half a week by the end of a second day not washing my hair or dry shampoo! It’ll be up in a greasy pony tail! I get worn out too much if I was it every day. It’s every other day for me! unless I’m going out somewhere…!

  2. I bought 3 of these in the offer too! I think I bought the same scents as you, and I love all of them. But I agree with you that they are more of a freshen up rather than to replace a shampoo, I don’t think they’re strong enough. For that reason, I’ll be sticking with Batiste!

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