Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes: Break-Out Mask

This is a review on one of the face masks I was sent to review by Montagne Jeunesse’s Skin Heroes Range.  I am really loving this range because I am finding opportunities to use each specific mask.  This week I have been suffering from a case of spotty skin.  Which may be due to me falling asleep watching tv in the evenings and not being very thorough with removing my makeup before I drag myself to bed.  (I’ve been extra tired lately, with how light it’s been in the mornings, my body clock has been getting me up an hour earlier than I should be up).

The Break Out Mask is a thick green clay mask containing tea tree oil and Canadian Willowherb (no idea what that is, never heard of it before, but it is trade marked for some reason).  The mask is cooling and tingles while on your face.  I had enough mask to put some on my chest which has been a bit spotty as well.  I waited the 15 minutes for the mask to dry (I hate the feeling of drying clay masks when it starts to crack).  After washing off the mask, I applied the moisturizer that is included.

My skin felt so nice after using this product, like I’ve had a nice deep cleanse.  Also with the moisturizer, your skin doesn’t feel dried out at all afterwards, which can be the case with clay masks.

Have you tried any of the masks from the Skin Heroes Range?  What’s your favorite clay mask?


Leave me a comment, I love reading them and will try to reply to each one!

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