Product Review: Natural Being Manuka Cleanser

First off, I must note, I won this product from the lovely Sugarpuffish in a giveaway.  If you are interested in more products that are free from chemicals, preservatives, the DREADED PARABENS (if you have ever been on the LUSHNA  forums, you will know how much drama the dreaded paraben can cause), and other nasties, please check out her blog!

Now, I don’t go out of my way to use products that are free from, but I do see it as a plus when I happen to stumble upon a free from product that I enjoy using.  This cleanser is rather nondescript; no fancy schmancy bursting beads, funky colours or fragrances, just a nice creamy white cleanser.

I use this every morning in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dried out.  In combination with a once a week exfoliation with St. Ives Apricot scrub, this has kept my skin clear and happy.

So if you are looking for a cleanser that is certified all natural and utilizes the many benefits of manuka honey, this is definitely one to try.  I am usually put off by the price of all natural products, but this Manuka Cleanser is a very reasonably priced £9.00 per 100 ml tube.

Do you use free from products?  Have you every tried any products from Natural Being?


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Natural Being Manuka Cleanser

  1. I bought this very cleanser and after using it the second time – my entire face and neck became extremely red, burnt and dried ridiculously .. Causing me a lot if discomfort, and thereafter became covered in red bumps and break outs of pimples.
    I only buy natural products and particularly those which are labeled paraben free but my face has never reacted this badly to anything I have ever used … EVER. This reaction occurred 5 days ago and my face is still extremely dry, sore, pink in areas and also still lumpy and I have new pimples around my chin, cheeks and forehead :’-( this product has made me too shy to look people in the eye when I leave my home. I hope and pray that it all settles down very soon 😦

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