Product Review: MUA Lipstick in Juicy

This lipstick was one of two I picked up in my mini MUA Haul.  I was trying to go for some springy colours, getting away from my go to neutral pinks.  While I really liked the orange MUA Nectar, I have to say that Juicy was a little too Barbie pink for my skin tone and just didn’t look quite right on me, I think maybe with a bit of a tan I could pull it off.

Not to say that this is a bad lipstick though!  If this colour is one you normally would go for, I would say you definitely need to pick this lipstick up!  And that is due to its surprisingly long staying power.  Now MUA lipsticks are known for their vastly differing formulations, some are gritty, some creamy, some sheer.

While I found Nectar quite creamy and moisturizing, it doesn’t really last.  Now I put on Juicy before going to work one day (so about 7:45 in the morning) and was shocked when I went into the toilet after lunch at 1, even after eating, the lipstick was still on and hadn’t budged!  Now that is pretty amazing for a £1 lipstick.

So if you are a fan of MUA, this is definitely one to pick up for your collection, an affordable and long-lasting lipstick!

Have you found huge variations in the formulas of MUA lipsticks?  What’s your favorite MUA lipstick shade?



4 thoughts on “Product Review: MUA Lipstick in Juicy

  1. I love this colour, but I found when my lips are a bit chapped this just grabs on to flakes and looks horrible. It’s such a shame as the colour is lovely and a lot of the other MUA lipsticks don’t do this.
    I found your blog on #bbloggers 🙂

    • That’s no good 😦 It definitely isn’t as moisturizing as some MUA lipsticks, it’s kind of bizarre how there’s so many different formulations for the same product! Thanks for clicking, what’s your twitter name so I can follow you? xx

  2. what a lovely shade & I can’t believe how long it lasted on you, will be checking this out 🙂
    Lovely blog btw, now following via hellocotton! x

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