Mini MUA Cosmetics Haul!

I succumbed to a bargain the other day when I took advantage of MUA’s Immaculate Collection Eye Palette (normally retails for £8) free with purchase.  I ended up spending just under £10 for the following loot.  And I think I got quite the deal. (Sorry for the glare, the crap weather outside means working with artificial bathroom lighting).

In addition to my free eye palette, I also purchased the Professional Eye Primer (looking forward to seeing how this stacks up against my ELF primer), a replacement Mosaic Bronzer (mine sadly smashed into a million pieces during an unfortunate incident with the bathtub), and two lipsticks in Nectar and Juicy.

I can’t wait to start experimenting with this palette, I’ve been stuck in a neutrals rut so hopefully this will add a bit of color to my look.

I just love the look of a brand new, never used before lipstick.  Here we have Nectar on the left and Juicy on the right.  I thought these orangey coral lipsticks would be perfect for spring summer.

Expect full reviews on these products soon!

But not too soon, tomorrow my parents are flying over from the states to visit the mister and I.  We will be spending a few days in London before coming back to Bournemouth.  They’ve never been out of the states before (typical Americans, haha!) so I really am looking forward to showing them around and what my life is like here.  So that is the reason there may not be a lot of activity on here in the upcoming week 🙂

So, did you take advantage of the free Immaculate Collection Palette?  What are your favorite MUA products?

Also, MUA is currently running a promotion now where you can get a free Pastel palette with purchase!



2 thoughts on “Mini MUA Cosmetics Haul!

    • It’s really hard when neutrals just look so nice and are easy to put on! Now that I have this palette, I’ll feel guilty if I don’t use it, haha xx

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