Product Review: 17 Cosmetics BB Cream

After the MUA BB Cream was released, I found myself being sucked into the BB Cream hype.  I had tried the Garnier BB cream when it was released and was not impressed with it at all.  I found it too sheer and thin and didn’t find that it did much of anything for my skin.  So when MUA announced it was releasing a BB cream, I thought I would give it a go.  But alas, my local Superdrug always seemed to be sold out of my shade and I got impatient.  So instead I picked up the 17 Cosmetics BB Cream.

BB Cream in the UK just seems to be glorified foundation as far as I’m concerned.  I did like the fact that the 17 BB Cream contains SPF 25.  When I first used this BB cream, I put way too much on my face and it made my skin quite oily.  This product needs to be applied very sparingly for the best results so if you like a heavier coverage, I would not recommend this.  I have been applying this by squeezing some on the back of my hand and applying it with a foundation brush and often I find that I have excess leftover.

Another thing with this BB cream is that is applies very streaky, it really needs to be worked into the skin.  I think it would be awesome with a buffing brush, but I just use a foundation brush and then go over it with my ELF kabuki brush.  It gives a nice sheer coverage, which I like, here’s a before.  Excuse my purple under eye area, I am wearing absolutely no makeup here.

And after applying the BB Cream:

Overall, I really like this BB cream, it just needs the right application.

Have you tried 17 Cosmetics BB Cream?  What other BB Creams have you tried?



3 thoughts on “Product Review: 17 Cosmetics BB Cream

    • That’s good to hear about the Maybelline BB Cream, I’ve been wanting to pick that one up and give it a try! x

      • please tell me when you do pick it up and do a review! much appreciated! meanwhile ill get the 17 one.

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