Product Review: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

My nails have been in really poor condition lately.  I think it’s a combination of painting and removing nail polish, doing housework (woe is me), and the nature of the job I have.  My biggest issue is with peeling because inevitably after I paint my nails, they start to peel, ruining the polish.  Plus it’s just gross.

My index fingesr are the worst, I just keep cutting them short to stop the peeling.

I decided I might need to invest in a product to improve the condition of my nails.  After standing in front of the nail care section at Boots for about 20 minutes (there are so many options), I decided on Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment.  There were a few reasons I choose this particular nail strengthener, one being the price, at £4.75 it wasn’t breaking the bank, and secondly, I’ve always liked and heard good things about Sally Hansen products.

Powerful protection for short problem nails!  Hey, that’s what I have!  The claim being that you will have visibly longer nails in one week.  So I painstakingly applied this to my nails nightly for one week.  This polish definitely gives your nails a high gloss finish, but I did have a few issues with it.  It does make your nails harder, but that’s because you’re continually coating them with polish, which you can tell is building up, so actually the product on your nail is making them strong, it’s not improving the strength of the actual nail.

This also did nothing for my peeling tips, they continued to peel even after the week of treatment.  As far as growth, my middle, ring, and pinky finger nails got a bit longer, but my index nails stayed about the same.  So as a growth treatment, Sally Hansen Maximum Growth did not do much for me.  I think it makes a better base and topcoat than a nail treatment.  Thinking I might have to invest in some OPI Nail Envy.

What do you use to treat damaged nails?


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

    • I was kind of surprised, it did make my nails very shiny, but nothing for the damage really. Might try going two weeks instead of one and see if that helps! xx

  1. I reviewed opi nail envy on our blog recently. If you don’t mind a matte finish you can get it for 6.99 on ebay. Link in the blog 🙂 x

    • Ooo, see I had read about Nail Envy, but the price was putting me off. £6.99 I will happily pay though, will definitely be checking that out! Thanks! xx

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