Why I Hate Yankee Candles

It seems like Yankee Candles are all the range with beauty bloggers/vloggers in the UK.  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Yankee Candles, but growing up in the states, I’ve come to associate them with kitschy Hallmark stores that are frequented by women nearing the golden years of their life.  There’s another candle that I love and wish was as raved about as the Yankee Candle.  Which candle is that you may ask?

The gorgeous, crackling, classy, deliciously scented Woodwick Candle!

Why do I think Woodwick candles deserve the adoration that is being heaped upon the lesser Yankee Candle?

-More sophisticated, complex scents.  You can also purchase the trilogy candles like the one pictured above so you get 3 complimentary scents in one candle.

-The crackling wick!  The special wooden wick in these candles burns and makes a lovely crackling noise, like a burning fire.

Woodwick has just changed the wick shape to the “plus sign” shape for even burning.

-They just look better, no cheesy picture on the label that makes the candle look like it belongs in some cow-themed kitchen with checkered curtains lining the windows (sorry, but that’s just what Yankee Candles make me think o)f.

So this might not be the most popular opinion, but please before you dismiss me, treat yourself to a Woodwick Candle.  They retail for about £12.99 depending on size and where you purchase online.  These candles are just so luxurious and lovely!  And I just want everyone to know so I don’t have to feel so bitter about all the Yankee Candle love, hehe.

Have you tried a Woodwick Candle before?  What’s your favorite candle brand/scents?


Disclaimer: After reading this post again, it sounds like I may have been paid to write this.  I can assure you I have not.  I just really love Woodwick candles.  I did not purchase this particular candle myself however, it was a gift from my husband.  He has not compensated me for writing this post either.


10 thoughts on “Why I Hate Yankee Candles

  1. I’ve not heard of these either but I’m definitely willing to give them a try. I have to admit, sometimes burning Yankee candles in my room makes the air funny and the scent just gets me in the back of the throat. :/ Lovely post, enjoyed reading. 🙂 x

    • Thank you! The Woodwick candles will scent your entire house/flat, but they do have some really fresh scents that aren’t too sickly. The Nature’s Retreat Trilogy(one of my fave non-foodie scents) is really fresh, it’s scented with aloe and agave nectar.

  2. Your picture suggests, you think you’re snob, (tragic)
    If you think woodwick candles are high end, you really dont know what a candle is.
    Dont put people down–simply because you think you know better,— you don’t

    • Hello Trevor, I think you may need to re-read this blog post as it appears in your passionate defense of Yankee Candles you didn’t actually read it. I don’t think Woodwick Candles are high end (maybe Jo Malone or Nest?). Also I, personally, just like Woodwick Candles better than Yankee Candles, I appreciate that many people do like Yankee Candles, sometimes people prefer different things, especially tragic snobs.

  3. I have a Woodwick candle. The crackling sound is lovely. There is no scent WHATSOEVER! Very very disappointed.

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