My Graze Box!

After seeing a promo code for a free box on twitter, I signed up for Graze (hey, it’s free after all).  I had heard of Graze and seen some reviews of it before, but to be honest, the price was putting me off a bit on something that seemed so unnecessary.  But after signing up, I am really impressed at how the Graze website is set up and how the whole snack box deal works.

When I first signed up, I logged onto the site and was able to look through and rate all the snacks that are offered.  This way you can request the things that look good (olives for me) to be sent quickly and bin (banana coins) the things that don’t look good.  Too bad the beauty boxes can’t employ a similar system.  the boxes are sent weekly and I was quite excited when I received mine today.

The box is small enough to fit through your post box so you won’t experience the disappointment of coming home to a “Sorry we missed you!” slip stuck through your door.  Despite the small size, you do get a good portion of snacks.

The box and packaging are really cute and recyclable!  It includes a little personalized pamphlet containing nutrition information for all the snacks you were sent.

I was really pleased with the selection I was sent, all the snacks were things that I had requested to be “sent soon”.

Vanilla Cherry Frangipane-When I initially examined the box’s contents, this was the least appealing snack, but when I tasted it, it was so good!  It contained dried cherries, almonds, and sticky vanilla flavoured pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  Delicious.

Fruit Sangria-This was tasty, but the physalis was a bit sour.  Besides the sour physalis, it included dried strawberries and orange flavoured sultanas.

Copacabana-My second favourite after the Vanilla Cherry Frangipane.  Included brazil nuts with milk and dark chocolate coins.

Green Olives with chilli and garlic-I love olives.

So if the Graze box is something you’d like to try, I have a promo code for a free box: YMF45MRC

It does ask for your card details when you sign up, but you can cancel at any time.  I’m still debating whether or not I would like to continuing receiving this service because it is £3.50 a box which I think is a little steep for what you actually receive.

Have you tried Graze box before?  What do you think of this service?


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