Product Review: Got2B 2 Sexy Collagen Lift Effect

You may have seen my unsuccessful foray into Got2B Poweder’ful the other day.  When I purchased the hair powder it was in a special at Superdrug for £4.99 for two Got2B products (considering that on their own, they were £4.05, this was an excellent deal).

The second product I purchased was the Got2B Collagen Lift Hairspray, I have to say this hairspray worked much better for me than the hair powder.

First off, it comes in this sexy red can.  Secondly, this hairspray smells amazing, usually hairspray tends to smell very chemically and gross.  This has kind of a fruity scent to it.  After blow drying my hair, I just spray a few shot of this in and brush it through.  It doesn’t leave my hair sticky at all, I’ve read that some people found this to be a very hard hold hairspray.  I think the trick with that is to use the product in very short bursts, if you just hold the can to your head with a constant spray, yes, this could make your hair into a helmet if that is up your alley. I can definitely see this becoming a staple in my hair care routine.

What’s your favorite hairspray?


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