Product Review: Got2B Powder’ful

I probably have the flattest, thinnest straightest, least style holding hair on the planet.  My hair is silky smooth with absolutely no texture, which some people might think is a good thing, but man, is it boring.  Once in awhile, I will get the urge to try something new, a new hair style, some volume boosting product, blow drying upside down, something!  But I usually fail at achieving the results I desire and go back to my routine of shampoo, conditioner, air dry.

I’ve been intrigued by volume boosting hair powders recently, I was particularly interested in picking up the V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder after reading positive reviews, but after not being able to find it in my local Superdrug, I ended up picking up Got2B Powder’ful in a 2 for £4.99 offer.

So here is a before shot of my flat, lifeless hair:

(Check out my non-existant holiday tan!  Flat hair and fair skin that doesn’t tan well, lucky me!)

Initially, I tried rubbing some powder between my hands and then tousling my hair, working it into my roots.  I read on some youtube reviews that this method works better than sprinkling straight onto your hair.  After a minute or so of tousling, my hair pretty much looked the same except a bit messed up and out of place.  So I tried the sprinkle directly on the roots and work in method, again, not much difference.  Just made my hair feel kind of sticky.

Awesome, look at all the luscious volume!  I get better results from blow drying my hair upside down.  Maybe I was using the product wrong, but if that is the case, I have no idea how else I would use it.  So yes, FAIL.  Maybe my hair type just doesn’t work with this kind of product, but I would not recommend it.  On the plus side, after this shot, I brushed out my hair and sprayed in a bit of the other Got2B product I bought, Got2B Collagen Lift Hairspray.  And that actually helped, and it smells nice, review to come!

Have you tried any volumizing hair powders?  How did they work for you and your hair type?



2 thoughts on “Product Review: Got2B Powder’ful

    • Glad it does something for you! I was really hoping it would work for me, but I think my hair isn’t the right texture for it. xx

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