The Crap Spot: Maybelline Line Definer

A few months back, I found that my trusty twist up L’Oreal kohl eyeliner refused to twist up anymore.  So I had to find a replacement eyeliner and quickly, eyeliner being a weekend going out staple for me.  So I popped into Boots and to be honest, I hadn’t purchased eyeliner in the UK before.   There was a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products though and because I am familiar with the brand I picked up the Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Black Eyeliner, along with some Dream Touch Blush and Dream Matte Powder.

As you can see from the photo, this liner has a fairly thick felt tip nib.  I thought this would work nicely for lining my top lid and winging my eyeliner.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  I really wish I had done some research on this product before I purchased on a whim because I have not seen any good reviews for it.  It comes out gray and opaque even when it was brand new.

It also smudges easily and takes forever to dry.  There’s really nothing good I can say about this product.  It’s pretty much useless as far as I am concerned.  I have since picked up a Barry M Intense Eyeliner which does the job.

What’s the worst eyeliner you’ve used lately?



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