NOTD: Pink and Sparkly

I have been on a pink nail varnish kick lately, mainly due to the fact that it’s bright and cheery and because my job requires that I see my hands throughout the day, it just gives me something nice to look at.  Speaking of my job anyway, the ladies at work won a little friendly competition and my manager gifted us with bottles of MUA Shade 11.  So I finally removed the remnants of my last manicure the other night (I am so bad with my nail varnish upkeep) and tried it out with a 17 Nail Xtras Glitter Top Coat.

The photos don’t really do it justice as the MUA Shade 11 nail varnish is a much darker raspberry colour in actuality.

It’s been 3 days since I painted my nails now and they’re still holding up with no chipping so I’m quite pleased with that.

The glitter top coat adds a nice touch as well, especially since this was a freebie I received in the 17 Electric Disco Purse that was free with purchase of 17 cosmetics after Christmas time in Boots.

What is on your nails at the moment?  How often do you remove and reapply your nail varnish?



4 thoughts on “NOTD: Pink and Sparkly

    • It’s a great topcoat, my nails are still looking pretty good since I painted them on Friday! Glad you like the blog! xx

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