Product Review: MUA Mosaic Bronzer

I picked up this bronzer during my mini lunchbreak haul I posted a couple weeks back.  And I have to say I am completely in love with this product.  It is so versatile and wearable, being so fair skinned, I do have trouble pulling off bronzer.  If you’ve had a peek at my Oz blog you will also see some cringe worthy photos that demonstrate that I had no idea how to wear bronzer not so long ago (shimmery brown cheeks are not a good look).

This is lovely, the product swirled together creates a shimmery, slightly pink bronze color that can be worn on top of the cheekbones as a bronzer, used as a contour or even on the apples of the cheeks as a blush.  Applied with a light hand, it can also just brighten up your face, like I said, a very versatile product.

I tried swatching it for you, but this picture doesn’t really do it justice and I had to apply it very heavily for it to show up on camera.

The Mosaic Bronzer is definitely a new staple for me and at £2.50 a pop you can’t really go wrong.  I would definitely reccommend this product if you have fair skin because the pigmentation is so light and wearable.

Have you tried any of the Mosaic Bronzers from MUA?



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