Beauty Bargain Alert: ELF Favorites

I’m sure all of you have heard of or purchased products from ELF Cosmetics before.  And if you’re like me you love having a nice big ELF haul when they have one of their 40% or 50% off sales.  ELF can be very hit or miss though and its good to know which products are actually worth purchasing because there’s no point in buying something just because its cheap.

So here is a rundown of my favorite products from ELF, these are things that I use on a daily basis and have repurchased.

First off brushes, some ELF brushes are crap, I bought the Studio Stipple brush because I thought it had really good reviews (now I’m thinking I got it confused with the Studio powder brush) and it is pretty much worthless and sheds all over the place, but some brushes are worth having in your collection.

On the left is the Blending Eye Brush, this is a densely packed blending brush and I like to use it for highlighting and blending (duh).  On the right is the Eyeshadow Brush, this brush again is densely packed and just a good brush to have in your collection.  It picks up shadow well and I pretty much use this brush everytime I put on eyeshadow.  These brushes are also good quality, I’ve had no problems with shedding at all.

The ELF Kabuki Face Brush is another ELF brush I use on a daily basis.  This brush is lovely for using with my Maybelline Dream Matte face powder and also for blending out blushes and bronzers.  Again, I’ve never had any issues with shedding.

Pardon my terrible week old manicure, this little gem is the All Over Cover Stick.  I use this as a concealer and it does an amazing job at covering the dark circles under my eyes and also getting rid of any redness on my face.  Some people don’t like using scented products on their faces, but I love the Orange Sugar scent that ELF uses in this product.

I just started using the ELF eyelid primer and this stuff is great.  I had never used eyelid primer before I purchased this about 6 months ago and it makes such a difference with the vibrancy of my eyeshadows and making them last all day.

On the right is the Wet Gloss Brow and Lash gel.  I only use this for my eyebrows and it is definitely a staple in my beauty routine.  I might have to swap it out for the MUA clear mascara though because it’s 50p cheaper and brow gel is brow gel as far as I’m concerned.

And there you have it lovely readers, these are the products that are included in ELF order I make.

What are your favorite ELF products?  Do you let your nail polish get to such a shameful state?



Leave me a comment, I love reading them and will try to reply to each one!

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