Bad Beauty Habits TAG!

Just thought I’d do a fun and easy tag post for Friday night (taken from Knickers and Nailpolish here!).  Bad beauty habits, we all are guilty of them, and here are mine:

-Not drinking enough water.  I used to be really good about this during my uni days, I always had a full Nalgene by my side.  Then came the articles about Nalgenes leeching cancer causing chemicals into your water and so I threw that out quite quickly and then moved on to the Sigg bottle, but some how that just became too much of a bother to carry around.  During the work day, I start my morning off with a coffee and drink green tea through the day.  At home I drink more tea or have a beer or glass of wine with dinner depending on how bad my day was.  I know I don’t drink enough water because I wake up incredibly thirsty and dehydrated in the morning.  So really making a concentrated effort to drink more water because it can really affect your appearance!

-Not using a facial exfoliater, I used to use St. Ives Apricot scrub along with a separate facial cleanser.  I probably exfoliated too often as I used it everyday, but now I just use  Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit scrub.  Although, this claims to be a scrub it doesn’t give my face a thorough exfoliation and I really should be using something a bit harsher once a week to really get my skin glowing.

-Washing dishes and scrubbing the bathroom with bare hands.  This is a bad one, but a habit I can’t/won’t break unfortunately.  Cleaners and washing up liquid are terrible for your skin and your hands will especially show the effects from using these harsh cleaners.  I cannot stand the feel of rubber gloves though and opt to slather my hands in body butter after doing these household chores.

-Not using an eye cream/night cream.  I’ve always just used a moisturizer in the morning, once I’d gotten out of the shower.  At night, I wipe off my makeup using a makeup removing wipe and leave it at that.  But with the inclusion of things like the Bionova Eye Wrinkle treatment in the December Glossybox and the Clarins Night Cream, I have been toying with the idea of purchasing these extra creams.  I am 25 now, but I feel like it’s too soon for me to worry about anti-aging products, even though it’s probably about time for me to start worrying about such things.  Just a sad realization I am avoiding perhaps…

What are some of your bad beauty habits that you just can’t kick?



2 thoughts on “Bad Beauty Habits TAG!

    • I don’t use toner either, I just use makeup wipes at night and eye makeup remover if I have particularily heavy eye makeup. So maybe I need to invest in that too. I think I am too low maintenance for all these products! x

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