January Glossybox: The Good, Bad and Ugly

I had been eagerly awaiting my January Glossybox, especially after caving and reading some of the raving review by the Glossybox Ambassadors.  Now I am definitely thinking that receiving this box free of charge has really coloured some people’s views of it because I can’t really find much to rave about.  Anyway, onto the box(I apologize in advance for the picture quality, the lighting in evening is horrible)!

The Good:

I do like the pink box, I have my Glossyboxes scattered around the flat serving their different purposes and I am very happy about adding this shocking pink box to my collection.

I was also really pleased to receive the Murad Primer, I’ve never used a makeup primer before this is something I am excited to try.

I also was excited for the Eyeko eyeliner, mine came in Midnight Blue.  I actually like the extra bit of pointed silver packaging on the end because I have struggled with nubs of eyeliners before.

The Bad:

The FAB body moisturizer is something I can’t really get excited about.  The product is unscented, but when I tried it, it reminded me of cheap Vaseline brand body lotion and althought its unscented, I don’t like the soapy smell it leaves.

The Ugly:

These bad boys are this month’s Batistegate, the equivalent to the firey face masks of Boudoir Prive, these two Clarins Samples are what is really getting around as the downfall of this month’s Glossybox.  And what’s wrong with Clarins you may ask?  Well, most of us wouldn’t know because the boxes were shipped out with EMPTY samples!

My Night Cream was fine and sealed, but by no means full.  My Day Cream on the other hand, was not sealed and pretty much empty which I will be contacting customer service about.

So overall, a bit of a disappointing box.  I am still on the fence whether or not to cancel my order, I will probably see how my empty sample enquiry is handled.

Have you received your January Glossybox?  What did you think of this month’s products?


ETA:  I have been contacted by the Glossybox customer service team and the Clarins team has confirmed that only the Night Cream comes sealed and the tubes can hold up to 30 ml of product, but contain 15 ml which is why they seem empty.  As a goodwill gesture, Clarins will be replacing the Day Cream samples and apparently a replacement cream is on its way to me.


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