Girl Talk: P Tracker App

Something new today ladies, no cosmetics or beauty post, instead I wanted to share with you an app I found for my Smartphone (Samsung Android for anyone wondering).  The app is the P Tracker app and basically this is an application that allows you to keep track of and predict when your period begins and ends.

I’m pretty predictable at “that time of the month”.  I make up fights to have with the mister, eat junk food like my stomach has turned into a bottomless pit, get head aches and cramping.  Fun stuff, no?  The beauty that is being woman.  P Tracker allows you to record your moods, symptoms, start and end date of your period (this is just for the free version, you can pay to upgrade to go ad free and get some extra features).  It also tells you when you are most fertile so you can either avoid or take part in “intimate” activities.

I am currently on birth control so it is fairly easy to know when I will be getting my monthly gift, but this app is really handy to use as a record of symptoms so you can know what to expect and when.  It’s also great for when you’re at the doctor’s and they ask you when you had your last period (not something I usually know off the top of my head!).

Easy enough to use, just tap the front screen when you period starts and again when it ends.  You can also go into the calendar each day and record symptoms, moods and also if you’ve been intimate.  Just a handy little app that helps you take charge of your sexual health!

Here are links to the free versions for Iphone and Android:

P Tracker for Iphone

P Tracker for Android

Have you tried P Tracker before?  Thoughts?  What are your favorite free apps?


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