Product Review: Lush’s Melting Snowman

As you might have seen in my previous blog post, I received quite a few Lush Christmas items this year.  And have now begun to delve into my little treasure trove of bath goodies.  Now, I am quite familiar with Lush bubble bars and bath bombs, but I had never tried a bath melt before.  For the price, they just seemed a bit too luxurious for me to be tempted to buy.  But as a fan of Snowcake (which Melting Snowman is scented), I couldn’t wait to give this bath melt a go.

He’s a little damp here as I had to rescue him from the bath as I dropped him before I had the chance to photograph.  Also cheeky glass of pinot grigio in the back, the best way to enjoy a lovely Lush bath.

The point of using a bath melt in the tub is to soften the water and your skin.  The Melting Snowman contains skin softening cocoa and shea butter.  As the Melting Snowman meets his demise in your bath water, he lightly scents it with the lovely marzipan scent of Snowcake (the scent lingers on your skin once out of the tub).  The Melting Snowman does cloud the water a bit, the only downside is that the chocolate bits melt and leave brown bits floating around your tub.

My skin did feel quite moisturized, if a bit greasy, after I got out.  I would suggest using this melt at night so the oils can soak into your skin while you’re sleeping.  All in all, a very pleasant first bath melt experience.

Have you used Lush bath melts before?  What’s your favorite bath time accompaniments?



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