Beauty Bargain Alert: How to Get Stuff for Free

Not all of us are at the point in our beauty blogging careers where there are PR reps knocking down our doors to eagerly foist product samples upon us.  But that doesn’t mean you need to be left out with getting products for free!

Like most of you, I am one of those people who loves getting things in the mail (not so much bills and take away menus, but you know what I mean).  I recently found a really good UK freebie site called Magic Freebies.  I really like Magic Freebies because the freebies this site list are usually the kind where you just need to enter your name and mailing details and you’re good to go.  Not the crap kind where you start filling the form out and OOPS, we forgot to tell you, it’s not actually free, you need to buy 2 of these things first before you get your product.  Magic Freebies also sends you a daily e-mail listing that day’s freebies, I like to click on before I go to work and sign up for the things that look good to me.  Quick and easy.

Some of the things I have received so far with Magic Freebies are the following:

Garnier BB Cream Samples-Really glad to have gotten the sample of this so I could find out it is absolute crap and I wouldn’t want to purchase it ever.

Pantene Samples-I just received these samples recently and I really am liking them so far.  They do come in the satchets, but you get a shampoo, conditioner and 2 minute hair masque for your hair type.  I used my normal to thick hair samples this morning and I am really impressed so far, the hair masque was especially nice.  I still have to try out my Aqua Light samples.

Tea/Coffee-I have gotten a ton of tea and coffee samples since I joined Magic Freebies and these have been some of my favorites.  The Twinings samples are really nice, I have also gotten samples from Clipper and African Redbush.

Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir-This was another favorite, I received two samples tubes of this and you need such a small amount that they have lasted quite a long time.  This is a great product, but something that is a bit pricier, it’s definitely nice to try before you buy.

So if you like getting free samples in the mail, I would definitely give Magic Freebies a try.  It’s the best sample site I have found for the UK so far.

What are your favorite kind of samples to receive?  Any other good freebie sites out there?



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