Beauty Bargain Alert: Wilko Bath Products

Now you may be skeptical by reading the title already.  Wilkinson’s or more affectionately known as Wilko’s is not what one would relate to nice bath products.  But hopefully this post will convince you to them a go next time you are stocking up on cleaning products or buying your pet food or whatever else it may be that you are doing at Wilkinson’s.

Now, I am quite fussy about my bath and shower products, normally I use exclusively Lush products, but sometimes the budget does not always allow for that kind of extravagant spending on a non-essential product.  But during a visit to Wilko’s one day, I did have a stop and look at their bath and shower products.  At £1 per item, they are hard to resist.  And the scents are all very nice.  My current favorite is their fruity berry scent (the red one), but the black currant and lemon scents are also nice.  They also carry sweeter scents, but I prefer something a little more invigorating for my morning shower.

The products I have tried in the range are their shower smoothies (exfoliating and moisturizing shower gels), the handwash (it’s just a nice cute little bottle to have on the bathroom sink), and the bath gel (foams up brilliantly, mountains of bubbles in the tub).

I had a look and Wilkinson’s is offering an adorable Juicy Fruity Bath Set on their website for £5, great little stocking stuffer or perhaps a Secret Santa gift.  I really recommend these products, they are great value and nice to have as a back up for when you run out of your more expensive bath products and don’t really feel like shelling out.

So next time you find yourself at Wilko’s, just give these little buggers a sniff.  I think this is an underrated product line that deserves a little more recognition.  Leave a comment and let me know if this is a product range you’ve already tried and what you thought!



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