The Christmas Tag!

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Cinnamon definitely!  I love to have a cinnamon scented candle burning and I recently purchased a cinnamon/mulled wine scented Airwick plug which makes the house smell amazing!  I think it’s a throwback to going to Michael’s (a craft store in the states), around Christmas time they always had cinnamon scented pine cones in the shop.


Endless cups of tea!  Especially chai, but any kind really.  Mulled wine is also a necessity.


Knit wear, knit wear, and more knit wear.  Hi, my name is Mandy and I have a knit wear problem.


“Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney, but I just love Christmas music in general, I like to find a good Youtube play list.  Also the Elvis Christmas album holds a special place in my heart.


Love Actually hands down and I also have to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon, not the horrible Jim Carey one).


I hope I am on the nice list!


Bit of a tricky one since I moved to the UK, last year we were lucky enough to fly out to the states and spend Christmas with my family.  This year, we will be in the UK and spending it with the mister’s family!


It would be nice to be in the states with my family, but moving countries and being married means that you have to share yourself around!


Roast potatoes and brussel sprouts!


Everything.  I’ve always loved Christmas, I love decorating the house (the sooner, the better), baking Christmas cookies (my friend and I started a tradition of having a marathon 7 hour baking session every December), buying gifts for people, Christmas music, food, drink, being with family, just everything!
I tag anyone who would like to do this tag! Leave me a comment if you do decide to do this, I’d love to check out your answers!

Winter Warmers: Radox Muscle Therapy

I originally bought this Radox Muscle Therapy while I was doing the 30 Day Shred to see if it helped with my sore muscles.  Well, I kind of gave up on the 30 Day Shred after Level 2 (bad Mandy), but will probably try to get back into it after the holiday season.  So while I was lacking the sore muscles, I still gave this a go because as much as I would like to use LUSH products for every bathing experience, it can get a bit pricey!

2014-11-09 12.30.56Definitely budget friendly, I think I paid £1 for this bottle from Asda.  It contains stimulating black pepper and ginseng.  It has a very masculine scent to it, so that’s something to consider if you’re into more fruity or floral scents.  It does create tons of bubbles and because of the price tag you can be quite generous with it.  I can’t really comment on if it relaxes muscles, it’s hard to tell if it does anything more than a soak in the tub on its own would do.

Overall, it’s a nice product, maybe a good idea for a stocking stuffer if you know any guys who like to soak in the tub occasionally.

Have you tried any Radox bath soaks?  What’s your favorite winter bubble bath?



Superdrug Hydrating Face Mask

There’s nothing worse than dry winter skin.  Especially when you’re suffering from a cold from your germ laden office and start to get the oh so attractive”Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” look going on.  I wanted to get a face mask to combat this, something super hydrating and healing.  So after reading a few reviews, I picked up the Vitamin E Moisture Mask from Superdrug.

2014-11-15 11.50.39

This mask has the texture of a really thick moisturiser, it’s a thick white cream.  It is perfect for skin that needs a heavy duty punch of moisture.  You apply a thick layer and leave it to sit for 15-20 minutes and then tissue off the excess.  This would be perfect for taking on a flight because if you apply a thin layer, you can make it not so noticeable on the skin.  Also since you don’t have to wash it off, it’s perfect for a mid flight facial.

Overall, I really like this product.  It’s inexpensive, effective and soothing.  Nothing really bad to say about this guy!  Will definitely be using it through out the winter months to keep that dry flaky skin at bay.

Have you tried any of the Superdrug face masks?  What are your winter skin saviors?


My LUSH Spa Experience

For my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for a massage at the LUSH Spa in Poole from the hubby.  I’ve always wanted to go to the LUSH Spa so I was absolutely ecstatic.  The massage he chose for me was The Comforter?, the description from the website being:

A relaxing full body treatment to help you dive into a world of pure imagination. Tucked up in a warm and cosy duvet, you’ll be coated with a hot chocolate exfoliating body scrub and rose-scented massage to leave you feeling rejuvenated and your skin deeply nourished. This treatment involves a rhythmic, medium-pressured massage accompanied by bespoke dreamy music that allows you to drift off while rose-scented bubbles fill the room.

Sounds amazing right?  And it was.  I’ve only ever had one bog standard masssage before back in the states and this experience was completely different and so much better.  LUSH has thought of everything, these are carefully planned out experiences that take in account all your senses!

I won’t give too much away about the actual treatment itself, but I will say I didn’t want it to end!  Before you actually go into the room for the massage, you sit down at a table and the member of staff goes through the massage with your and the products.  For my treatment, a chocolate exfoliating scrub was used, it smelled like hot brownie batter and also a rose serum.  They advise you not to shower after the treatment because the products continue to work and soften the skin afterwards.  I also smelled amazing, haha!

The actual room that the massage took place in was beautiful as well with a fireplace and shelves along the walls line with apothecary style bottles filled with potions.  Instead of a standard massage table, you crawl into a bed with a marshmallow topper and fluffy duvet.

As a souvenir for the experience, I decided to treat myself to a bottle of 29 High Street perfume.  This perfume is exclusive to the shop in Poole and it smells exactly like a LUSH shop.  It lasts on the skin all day, subtlety changing throughout, definitely something I will save for special occasions!

2014-11-15 11.49.36

I highly recommend trying out a treatment from the LUSH Spa if you get the opportunity.  It is an amazing indulgent experience!  I think I have my eye on the Hard Days Night Treatment next…Here’s the link to the site where you can check out all the treatments offered.

Are you a fan of massages?  Have you ever had a LUSH Spa treatment?


NOTD: Fancy a Chai?

So I managed to find my way back into Boots to pick up the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Chai (already owning Paprika and Chili here).  I couldn’t resist this lovely blue grey colour, coincidentally I’m trying to find interior paint in this shade for our landing!  I don’t have anything similar to this in my collection and while I find bright blues to make me feel like I’m thirteen again, Chai is a very sophisticated colour.

2014-11-02 11.18.39


As usual, the Gelly Hi-Shine formula is very glossy and long-lasting, I’ve had this on about a week with the Barry M topcoat with minimal chipping, very impressive!

2014-11-09 12.29.28

Overall, I am loving the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine autumn collection.  These polishes are such good quality and I think the colour range is on par with a lot of the popular Essie colours for about half the price!  I think I have my eye on Mustard next…

What’s on your nails for the fall/winter?  Have you tried any of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine autumn collection yet?


Winter Primark Haul!

With autumn weather setting in, the urge to buy all things knitted and cosy has set in.  Yes, I do need another sweater!  I was also hoping to get a few different pieces for work and some work out clothes as I continue the 30 Day Shred.

2014-10-20 14.18.43Wool Blend Cable Knit Sweater (£12.00)-This sweater feels surprisingly high quality for Primark, as you can see I went a little maroon crazy, but it’s a nice colour for fall!

Check Kilt (£8.00)-I would call this a tartan skirt, but just going by my receipt.  I think the will look nice for work with a plain top and black tights and boots.  Another piece that feels quite high quality for Primark!

Cotton Leggings (£3.00)-Just picked these short leggings up to exercise in at home.

Smock Dress (£10.00)-Going to dress this up with a belt and jewellery and it will be perfect for work.

Sports Bra (£4.00)-Just a spare for working out at home.

Check Pajama Pants (£6.00)-I bought a pair like this last year that are getting a bit worn (probably because I wear them constantly!).  These are so comfy, I needed a second pair.  I went for the straight legged kind, not a fan of the cuffed kind.

Novelty Fairy Lights (£6.00)-These are adorable and run on a battery pack so you don’t need to plug them in, I’m planning on draping them over our mantle.

Plastic Wayfarers (£1.00)-It may be closing in on winter, but on the rare occasion when we get sun I’ll get some use out of these.

3 Wick Candle Tin (£3.50)-Cheap and cheerful, can’t have too many candles come autumn!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?  What are your winter staples?



Little Lush Christmas Haul!

When this year’s Lush Christmas range came out, I almost bought the whole lot on the website.  It just looked that good!  I managed to restrain myself though and save up a bit before splurging in a shop in town.  Which generally, I do think is preferable to shopping online because something that sounds amazing may not float your boat in person (I, for one, cannot stand Snow Fairy which seems to have its own cult following, too sickly for my liking).  There is one item this year that I was over the moon to see and that was the So White Shower gel, the So White bath bomb is one of my top Lush products and the thought of having it in shower gel form is wonderful.

So here’s what I got!

2014-10-20 14.25.57Holly Golightly-This bubble bar scared me a bit with the copious amounts of silver glitter, but it was huge and pretty and I couldn’t pass it up.  It has a spicy citrus smell and looks like a product you can get quite a few uses from.

Dashing Santa-This little guy is packed full of citrus, I tend to prefer the citrusy Lush scents so I had to get him.

Lord of Misrule-This bath bomb looks amazing, it has a bright purple center.  The scent is gorgeous, its spicy and sweet, one of the more complex Lush scents.

Cinders-An old favorite, love the popping candy!

So White Shower Gel-My favorite apple scented bath bomb in shower gel form, can’t wait to use this!  I plan on trying it in my hair as well to see if the scent lingers.

Snow Angel-This beautiful bath melt smells like my beloved Snowcake soap.  I didn’t pick up any soap this year as I don’t really tend to use solid soap so this bath melt is the perfect alternative to one of my favorite Christmas Lush scents.

2014-10-20 14.26.31

So White Bath Bomb-Fresh apple scented loveliness!

I can’t wait to try all these products out!  And I’m sure quite a few will be making it on my Christmas wish list as well (a truck load of So White shower gel will do nicely).

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range yet?  What your favorite seasonal Lush product?